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Welcome to Cross Country at Kennedy Collegiate Institute!

Event Date Results
27th Annual W Club Invitational Cross Country Sept. 12, 2001 Here
Assumption Raider Midget Meet Sept. 18, 2001  Here
No Frills Meet Sept. 25, 2001 Here
Robert Burns Memorial Oct. 2, 2001 Here
Mustang Open Oct. 4, 2001 Here
University of Windsor Meet Oct. 12, 2001 Here
WECSSAA Oct. 19, 2001 Here
SWOSSAA Oct. 25, 2001 Here
OFSAA Nov. 3, 2001 Here

Produced by Steve Hnidei, Teacher and Coach, Kennedy C. I.
Designed by Tom Levesque, OAC Student, Kennedy C. I.